Rental in Italy - Rentals for your Italian holidays: Firenze, Viareggio, Lago Maggiore, Alpi

Discover some of the most beautiful places in Italy

and rest in special accomodations

  • Firenze FLORENCE

    Discover the beauty of this magic town and its peaceful landscape.
  • Valtournanche VALTOURNANCHE
    Val d'Aosta

    The sound of nature on the Italian Alps. Ski all the year round and hike through meadows and forests.
  • Viareggio VIAREGGIO

    Beautiful Versilia on the clear Mediterranean Sea, with its long beaches and sunny seasons
  • Baveno BAVENO
    Lago Maggiore

    Come and enjoy one of the main lake of Northern Italy, its marvellous shores, nature and landscape

The Owners

Since many years ago we have had the passion of travelling either with our family or by ourselves and this has given us the opportunity to meet a lot of people and have friends in many different countries. Thus we decided to rent for vacations our apartments in Italy to make it possible for many other people to discover the beauty of our country as well as we discovered the beauty of other countries.
We all wish you a very good stay in Italy.